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Our Quality

We deliver quality product, because we have institutionalized growing and processing parameters. The parameters have been arrived after many trails and errors and now have been followed by many other mushroom growing companies as well.

We, here in Mushroom India, emphasize on almost every aspect, from growing mushrooms, to harvesting and post harvesting procedures, such as, in house transportation of fresh mushrooms, timely blanching during canning process, maintaining right concentration of salt and citric acid and obtaining right kind of cans for packaging.

In the packaging of fresh mushroom we try to provide fully graded mushrooms with no cut mark on the body and stems cut obliquely. It is packed into beautiful, colored perforated PP bags and put into plastic trays, so that it can be delivery efficiently.

In the canning process we pack 35mm to 45mm cap size tight mushrooms into cans which are lacquered from inside. The brine solution is made from water which is filtered and solutes added as per processing standard. The cans by default are having a self life of three years, which is more than the requirement of two years.

The labels have also been designed well, with beautiful eye catching color combination to attract every eye.