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Welcome to Mushroom India

Welcome to Mushroom India, a firm engaged in inclusive food processing activity and ushering into B2B portal domained as www.farm2food.in ,mission with a simple objective for viewers to dream entrepreneurship. We have the state-of-the-art growing and food processing facility at our sister company Cambium Biotech Pvt Ltd Located at Wadalibhoi, Taluka- chandwad, Distt. Nashik . We service the requirements of International, domestic in fresh, processed mushrooms and other vegetables. We have well established dealership network prominently covering twelve states of India.,..We are also into exports to few of the better known companies of Europe .

Today, owing to changed life style and usage pattern in terms of food habits and their universal appeal – relished by across the globe and a growing demand, cultivated mushrooms and green house generated vegetables have found round the year demand and therefore grown on farms through out the world.

We started production in 2004, with the concept of integrated, round the year climate control production facility. We have 20 rooms, fully air conditioned with forty tons of compost load capacity in each room. We grow at an average six tons of white button fresh mushrooms a day.

Mushroom India is a name in the field of mushrooms and value added veg products with a simple mission: To offer mushrooms and other processed vegetables of the highest quality. Quality that few can match. Mushroom India is a Trading and exporting firm, engaged in procurement and marketing of mushrooms and other fresh and processed vegetables .From the year 2004 -05 onwards Mushroom India is a profit making firm and has taken a big leap in the year 2010-11, when Cambium Biotech came into operation .we expanded our own procurement of not only mushrooms but, other processed vegetables as well.

The brand Top Star are available in the following products: Whole Mushrooms, Slices, Pieces & Stems,Mango pulp,Sweet corn and so on….. All the varieties we offer are in neutral, brine & high brine conditions. To ensure that none of our products loose their freshness, great flavour, wholesome colour and delicious taste, they are packed in international quality cans which keeps the properties of the product intact.

Mushroom India deals majorily into Button Mushrooms that are low in calories and fat, are the one which are good source of Vitamins, Pr oteins and fibers. Not to mention a great source of culinary joy, when included into the diet leads to unbelievable weight control. So go ahead, get in touch and discover TOP STAR Products.

Our Locations

Mushroom India is centrally located in Mumbai at Goregaon as corporate office and having ware house at Bhiwandi from where despatches take place to international and domestic locations.We have super stockist in other states with representatives to promote the Brands

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