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The firm Mushroom India is solely engaged into self production, imports, institutional sales leading to pan India operation with the help of trusted superstockist and distributors’ network. We can be seen in more than 12 states of India with strong presence in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka .Our Distribution Network helps us reach most of the reputed institutions that are into modern trade and institutions having their origin into multinationals.

The Website finds its new life by taking stride into a field where the viewers can dream of entrepreneurship by utilizing the data contained in this B2B portal domain as www.farm2food.in .We have created a database carefully chosen of selective companies who are directly and indirectly associated with food processing industry ,allied activities and farmers.

Mushroom India Started with the concept of testing the market probability about processed food and fresh produce in 1990 in Mumbai .In a span of two years we came to know a great potential and concomitant risk as well. We overlooked risk and embraced potentials. Later on, We stretched our operations in the whole of Maharashtra and currently having a pan India presence.

In the year 2002 we started importing a few of the products with standards set by us and started distributing the same through our established network. We got a clear and a remarkable response .At the same time we started exploring the possibility of import substitution and processing in India with the help of internationally acclaimed processing machines. We started engaging farmers into contract farming of agricultural commodities conducive to our area.

In the year 2011 we took a stride and established Cambium Biotech Pvt Ltd in the heart of Agricultural belt of Maharashtra –Nashik with proprietor of Mushroom India Mr. N K Ja, on the board as MD .Cambium is spread into 12 acres with 48 growing rooms and has a capacity to produce twelve tons of fresh mushrooms a day. The processing lines are also state of art with a very high capacity to process multiple products .It has other directors who are contributing into their specific areas of operations.


Mushroom India Has one vision to be on the top in terms of providing right quality,quantity,purity,and potency of its product and establishing itself into a household brand name. We also intend to grow as a potential export house and generating valuable foreign exchange . We would diversify into value addition of the processed food products as well .