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The firm i.e. Mushroom India, is engaged in cultivation of White Button mushrooms. The mushrooms are grown for human consumption and being used to fill the vast protein gap. It contains vitamin B complex, Vitamin C thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, Folic acid, and Vitamin B 12. Mushroom contain 29-35% protein which is higher than most of the commonly used vegetables. The proteins available in mushrooms are easily digestible. The taste of mushrooms are also acceptable to the people of India. Being a vegetarian food, it has demand from both the classes – vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian.


The mushroom is a fungal vegetable. The two important varieties of mushrooms are White Button mushrooms and Oyster mushrooms. The mushrooms are grown and marketed either as fresh, dried or in canned form. The company is marketing the product, fresh as well as Processed, in form of cans of various sizes.
The plant is located in district Nashik at Dindori. The plot admeasures 10 acres on free hold basis. It lies in well-developed Agro base of district Nashik. The location chosen is conducive for cultivation of mushrooms, as growing parameters such as humidity and temperatures are a gods gift favoring the growth to some aspect on its own. The raw materials and labour requirements for the products are also available locally and at a competitive rate. It is 20 rooms, 40 ton load, per room and estimated production is 6 tons a day.


A. Fresh Mushrooms Institutions
Taj Mahal Hotel Dominos Pizza ITC Grand Sheraton
Oberoi Hotels Oberoi Flight Kitchen Renaissance Hotel
Taj Sats Air Catering Somkin Joes Taj President
Ambassador Sky chef Garacias Pizza    

B. Fresh Mushroom Retail

We also provide Fresh Mushrooms in food grade punnets packed in attractive four colour pouches arranged in food grade PVC returnable trays. We deliver in Bombay any time 365 days at 4 degree centigrade or any temperature as demanded by you.

Processes Mushroom (Reffered to Distribution network)

New products added

A. Organic Compost

We produce 400 tons of organic compost, used as in-organic fertilizer replace, and the result among the farmers have been very encouraging. I hope in the middle east where there is so much of scarcity of plant growth substrate, this product will find its own place among qualified user such as landscapers and farmers. We would appreciate your interest and solicit your requirements.
B. Basmati Rice
We are also into good quality, wand (i.e. full length) pure basmati rice, obtained from one of the premium rice milling company, situated at the foot hills of Himalayas. It is available in the name of precious lakes and rivers of India.
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