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Welcome to Mushroom India, a firm engaged in inclusive mushroom Business. We have the state-of-the-art growing and processing facility at our farm. We service the requirements of domestic, fresh and processed mushrooms. We have well established dealership network covering nine states of India., prominently.
Today, owing to their universal appeal – relished by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and a growing demand, cultivated mushrooms are grown round the year on farms through out the world.
We started production in 2004, with the concept of integrated, round the year climate control production facility. We have 20 rooms fully air conditioned with forty tons of compost load capacity in each room. We grow at an average six tons of white button fresh mushrooms a day.

Mushroom India is a name in the field of mushrooms with a simple mission: To offer mushrooms of the highest quality. Quality that few can match. Mushroom India is a Trading and a Producing firm engaged in production of mushrooms, fresh and processed from the year 2004 -05 onwards. Mushroom India is a profit making company and hopes to take a big leap in the year 2009-10, when we expand our own production of not only mushrooms but, other processed vegetables as well. We have acquired 10 acres of land at Nashik (Dindori) 200 Kms from Mumbai. For the expansion, the civil construction and plant installation is under way, and hopefully by 2009 end, we would start our expanded commercial production, when fresh mushroom capacity may go up-to 8 tons a day.
Top Star mushrooms are available in the following varieties:
Button, Whole Mushrooms, Slices, Pieces & Stems. All the varieties are offered in neutral, brine & high brine conditions. We do graded fresh mushrooms as well. To ensure that none of our mushrooms loose their freshness, great flavour, wholesome colour and delicious taste, they are packed in international quality cans which make the product inert.

The Button Mushrooms that are low in calories and fat, are the one which are good source of Vitamins, Pr oteins and fibers. Not to mention a great source of culinary joy, when included into the diet leads to unbelievable weight control. So go ahead, get in touch and discover TOP STAR Mushrooms.

Our Location
The plant is located at Nashik (Dindori). The plot admeasures 10 acres on free hold basis. It lies in well-developed Agro base of district Nashik. The location chosen is conducive for cultivation of mushrooms, since the atmospheric conditions in Nashik is at tolerable levels categorically for mushrooms. The raw materials and labour required for the product are also available locally and at competitive rates. It is 20 rooms, 40 ton load per room and estimated production is 6 tons a day.
We also provide Fresh Mushroom in food grade punnets packed in attractive four colour pouches arranged
in food grade PVC non-trays. We can delivered Bombay any time 365 a days at 4 degree centigrade or any temperture demanded by you.
Organic Compost
We produce 150 tons of organic compost and the result have been very encouraging.
I hope in the middle east where there is so much of sarcity of plant growth substraight, this product will find its own place
Mushrooms belong to the fungi family and cannot grow on direct plant food and therefore a specially prepaered
medium must be produced which is called compost. Wheat straw/ Paddy straw/Sugar cane bagasse.
Malignant Mesothelioma      
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